The Shrewsbury Accountant, Nigel from TaxAssist, shares some recent findings about how businesses use the internet

Nearly one in four UK businesses doesn’t have a company website – and around a third of those firms have no plans to get one.

These are the principal conclusions of a new survey from The Made Simple Group, in association with Startups, Microsoft, Huddlebuy, Business 2012 and TaxAssist Accountants, exploring the online nous of Britain’s business community.

The survey also found that the cost of web development is a major deterrent for many firms; of those who admitted they don’t have a website, more than half cited money as a key concern.

Furthermore, the researchers discovered that only 8% of companies update their website more than once a day. Over one in six respondents said they don’t update their site at all.

The study was based on responses from over 2,000 businesses from across the UK.

For more information, check out this infographic on the findings.


If you are looking for a stepping stone approach to getting on-line then please consider if our StartAssist programme can help.


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